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It all started when I was at a point in my life where I didn’t feel I was being true to myself or expressing myself authentically. I felt stifled and unaligned… like I was missing fulfillment and a true sense of purpose and identity.


For over a year, I had the idea that I wanted to start a podcast, but because of where I was mentally and energetically, the idea stayed an idea, sitting lonely, yet restless, on the back-burner of my mind. There was an unboxed mic and an obsolete “ideas notebook” in the corner, with no real sign of me actually getting started anytime soon.


We’ve all been there before, right? Well, then there was a break-up.  Followed by that newly-single-girl energy (don’t lie - we all get it). Followed by an inner-revolution to unlock my full potential, and quit limiting myself. FINALLY, ugh - why did that take so long?!


I decided that I have a lot to say, and that it was time to share.When I look back, I describe it as having a deep knowing that I was capable and talented, and worthy of this big dream. It was hidden under some layers of self-doubt, and took some hard work to figure it all out.


Now, I get to talk to people from all parts of life, and the world, who offer a unique perspective which helps not only me, but anyone else seeking to live live on their own terms, unapologetically. And I wouldn’t trade the ability to life life by design for all the fly-miles in the world!